It’ll Cut For Hay

Some people may have noticed that I write Christmas poems around that time of the year. One morning, when I was thinking about such things, this poem appeared. It’ll Cut for Hay   A farmer pointed to his neighbour’s crop, Said, “Mate, your crop will wilt way!” The neighbour said,” Oh well, mate.” “It’ll cut … More It’ll Cut For Hay

Missing, Lost and Found #WATWB September

Welcome to We Are the World #WATWB for September.  Our dedicated co-hosts for this month are: Michelle Wallace, Peter Nena, Emerald Barnes, Andrea Michaels and Shilpa Garg.  We are grateful for their generosity. Please visit their blogs too! We witness days where acts of terror occur. We view reports of extreme natural disasters, such as … More Missing, Lost and Found #WATWB September

Bonsai Verse

Image: Wikipedia   Bonsai Verse   Bonsai verse Sprouting forth From buds and shoots of words Of course!   Following an image out on a limb, chasing it as if upon a whim Looking for wire to support This metaphor of great import.   At once its clipped Tight and Spare Occupying little air Space, … More Bonsai Verse

Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer Ginger beer. Sweet-sour tang, sliding Along tongue and teeth. Refreshing relief To a parched palate.   Simon C.J. Falk 10 September 2017 Looking for some stories of hope! Please SIGN UP for WE ARE THE WORLD BLOGFEST in the linky list below: Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and … More Ginger Beer

They All Have Names

 Picture: SBS News. They All Have Names For Myanmar, Mexico and so many more   They all have names: The toll call on the news. A mother’s son A father’s daughter A schoolmate who Sat by the window There.                  Now Lost, missing or Just gone. All of them part Of the great narrative Of the … More They All Have Names

Blossoms in Sight

Blossoms in Sight Blossoms in sight Covered by cloud With a tinge of light Inviting you to come From winter To spring Where the birds will Sing a song As we long For a moment of peace Today. Blossoms are a way For us to hope. Simon C.J. Falk 2 September 2017 ================ Looking for … More Blossoms in Sight

To Surrender

To Surrender For those experiencing physical and mental illness and their loved ones On and on and on and On, it goes. That little bit More Than before. Another smidgen Of freedom And movement And memory Goes. Where? Nobody knows. But It has gone. As loved ones Watch on Attendant and expectant, Ever poised. But … More To Surrender

Scent Of A Train

Scent Of A Train For Noel Charles “Charlie” Falk, a Station Master A feeling of Something ferrous and hot Wafts into my nostrils. Is my car alight? It gave me a fright! But The there was no warning Light or tones. Then I knew. Yes, that familiar aroma, I recalled the sound Of metal on … More Scent Of A Train