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The Infinitive Split It Was

The Infinitive Split, It was. Stopped

The infinitive

Split it was.


For does not

Language describe


And infinity paused


In that moment of

Immanent rapture


Where the infinite

And finite

of time

Was stilled


We were.

Simon C.J. Falk 29 April 2018


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Ah! Coffee!

Ah! Coffee!

Ah! Coffee!

Steaming, creaming




For me

And you

By deft baristas

And amateurs


Coffee makes

A morning start

A widening eye

And zinging heart

A reviver after

A post-noon doze

Ah, the aroma

To the nose!





Do yourself a favour

Get one


Simon C.J. Falk 25 April 2018

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Lines On An Abandoned Shoe In a Driveway




Image: Google

Lines On An Abandoned Shoe In A Driveway


Foot loose

And fancy free

We had a dilly

And a dally

On our dilettante.

Ah, the nocturnal hours

Of decadent pleasure

All night


All night

Movie marathons

Shouldn’t end

Like this.

We walked

The red-eye special


With a limp.


Simon C.J. Falk 20 April 2018


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At Airport Terminals


Image source: Google via airportlink.com.au


At Airport Terminals

At airport terminals

All the good looking ones

Are taken

Or connected to

Their beloved through

A smartphone

Cradled in the collarbone hollow

As their arms



Move in a rhythm

Weighed with coffee cups

And hand luggage.

At the terminal

The naturally smiling attendant

Was refreshing as

In a no nonsense way

She handled the tasks

And assured the people

Spared the manufactured blonde


Her generous brown waves

Framed a

Face of care

What a pleasure to share

In her love

For job and people.

May her husband know

The goodness

Of his beloved.

At a terminal

We find our synchronicity:

In the grotty traveller


Between terminals,

In the lover’s

Texting digits

Dancing across the screen

In anticipation

Of the doting dance

When they are


Full and bodily

And there.

Yes, there


An affinity

Between travellers

A share

In a passport

Of passage

Only they can know.



Simon C.J. Falk 4 April 2018



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Disconnect and Reconnect


Image: google


Disconnect and Reconnect

Disconnect and


And disconnect some more

Reconnect and



Go away



Relationships are

funny things.

We remember

A resonance between


A moment

A tone

We are not alone

But re-joined

Only to

Diverge again

And separate.


The art of letting go.




Simon C.J. Falk 24 March 2018



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Cat in the Middle of the Road Pre-Dawn


(It was a bit like this, but in the pre-dawn light. This image was from google’s alarmy.com .)


Cat in the Middle of the Road Pre-Dawn

I was

King of the castle

Or, asphalt, at least

As I sat

Tall and erect

Upon the road

Bathed in the streetlight lustre

Of pre-dawn.


Cresting a small hill

This car

Its roar! Its lights!

I got a fright!

And scampered off

The road

Was still again

But then

A walker came a-stomping

And I ran some more

I was safe.

I was King of the castle

Didn’t you see?


Simon C.J. Falk 18 March 2018



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A Final Ride in Kabul


Photo Source: AP via ABC News Australia


A Final Ride in Kabul

For the families 


A vehicle should be meant for all

Who would have thought

They would fall

Into treacherous hands?


Their lands



stained with blood

And scarred

In debris.

When will they, will we?


Another way

A better way


From violence and

Ruinous hate.

When will it abate?

That peace may reign

And vehicles will be

Not weapons


For all

To travel free



Simon C.J. Falk 3 March 2018


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#WATWB February – Girl Giving a Heart Away

Welcome to the We Are The World #WATWB Blogfest for February 2018.  Please visit our generous co-hosts.  They are Shilpa Garg, Peter Nena, Eric Lahti, Roshan Radhakrishnan and Inderpreet Kaur Uppal.


Alisha with her parents. Source: SBS news.

Due to a rare disease, little Alisha Kapoor needs a heart lung transplant. In the process her heart is healthy and she is willing to donate it to save another persons life. As SBS News reports

Alisha Kapoor knows little outside the walls of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, in Sydney’s west. 

She turns five in a few weeks but has spent the majority of her life living at the hospital, away from her parents and two siblings in Blacktown, 13km away. 

“I think we have two houses, one here, and one there,” her father Raj Kapoor told SBS News. 

“This is my second house. My wife, she stayed almost one and half years, or more, in the hospital, 24/7.”

This is all because

Alisha has an incredibly rare genetic disorder; surfactant protein C deficiency, which affects less than 10 children in Australia. It means she struggles to breathe and is permanently on a ventilator.

But while Alisha needs a lung transplant, Dr Pandit says it is safer to transplant a new heart at the same time. 

“Technically it is very difficult for the cardiothoracic surgeons to separate the lungs from the heart,” Dr Pandit said. “As a result, in her case, it will have to be the heart and lung together. Technically it is much better to do it as a block transplant, rather than separating just the lungs.”

Here is the part that is so, literally, heart-warming

Among this comes a positive. While Alisha will become the youngest heart-lung transplant recipient in Australia, her heart is perfectly healthy. It means she can donate it, and save another young life in the process. 

“We feel very good [about it],” Mr Kapoor said.

“Someone will save my kid, and my kid will save someone else. Everyone should be a donor, it’s a precious gift of life.” 

Mr Kapoor is urging everyone to think about organ donation and the lives that could be saved.

It is touching to read that someone so needy is willing to give, to share, for the sake of another’s life.  It reminds us of the inter-dependence of our lives.

The rest of the article and video can be found here.

Alisha Karpoor and her father, Raj.

Alisha with her father. Source: SBS News.

Here are some verses to close a story on the kindness people show to one another.

     The kindness of others
     is all they ever wanted,
     the laughter of neighbors
     prospering in the blue light of summer.
      The generosity of others
     whose spirits, like their long-legged
     children blossoming into a progeny
     of orchards and fields, flourish.
Two stanzas from ‘The Kindness of Others’ by Cathy Song. Source: Poetry Foundation.


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An Unmistakable Sound


Image: Google.

An Unmistakable Sound


That unmistakable sound

Rasping, rapid rumble

Coarse and grainy.

Oh, I know

It is a sound of

A possum below

Under my window.

Gone to ground

What had brought it round

To visit me?

The ruckus seemed to be

A challenge coming forth

A battle to be fought

For territory

Since we arrived.

Occupation was dominant

Yet, nature will out

Old natural territories stand

Across generations of critters

Home to this land

Down to today.


Simon C.J. Falk 14 February 2018


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