Wait For Me – A Romance Challenge

The Pradita Chronicles is hosting a Romance fortnight and issued a challenge to writers to contribute.  Hence the following.  Don’t forget to hop over to Pradita’s page.



Wait For Me – A Response to a Romance Challenge

Wait for me

Said the smiling be-freckled face.

Wait for me after

They were handed testamurs

Smiling for the photographer and

For the sheer delight

A degree of success

From the lectures and tuts and


Bachelors all!

Wait for me after

Crowds came

Faces, hands, and places on the lawn

But he and




Wait for me after

He didn’t.

Not then.

But after, yes!

Many times


And after that.


She was gone.


Simon C.J. Falk 12 February 2018



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We Tread Heavily Upon The Earth

We Tread Heavily Upon The Earth
After having frightened birds in a field.


We tread heavily

Upon the earth

[and asphalt, concrete or

whatever we construct

To hide our feet

From natures touch].


Our footfalls frighten


In our wake.

We mistake

Our smallness

Of size

Among many creatures,

For insignificant impact.

How wrong we are.

Our lands, skies, seas

Bear the scars,

Of our excesses.

And, in the recesses

Of our overactive brains,

There are gains,

When we become

More aware,

Of where

We fit

In the cosmos.


We have

A place,

But it is not ours

To erase

The good entrusted to our care.

For we are here

To share.


To leave

This place


For us

Having been


Simon C.J. Falk 15 July 2017

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For Those Who Could Not Be Here Now – #WATWB

For Those Who Could Not Be Here Now

When Belinda and Damyanti were calling us all together for this ongoing blogfest, there was quite the group.  For various reasons along the way, some have not been able to continue as part of the active group. But, they have supported us in vision and we carry their presence with us. They know who they are.

So… this post is a thank you to those who have been on the way with us, and, who are taking a break from active involvement.  Thanks not only to the ever valiant Belinda and Damyanti, but, on this occasion to Michelle, those post, F is for Fragmented , jolted me out of my procrastination towards this note of thanks.

For Those Who Could Not Be Here Now

You were there in the inviting,

When the summons came our way,

To gather in our writing,

And pledge to make the day

better for others reading, 

So with us still you stay.

Your titles might not sit upon

a linky-list adorning screens,

Although your names from rolls are gone,

We know you share our dreams.

Certain you will rejoin us,

As our blogs towards goodness tend,

Your absence causes little fuss,

As you’ll be with us by the end.

So we keep on collecting stories, 

From the fragments of many lives,

Of the greater and lesser glories,

Of famous or less known strives.

Newsfeeds we’ll light with gladness,

Away from trifles we’ll steer,

We’ll tell of peace and of compassion,

And imbue it all with cheer.

Do not feel at all remiss,

Towards our life, blogging friend,

For we carry your presence with us,

From now until the end.

 Simon C.J Falk 8 April 2017


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