Holidays for Some and Others Still It’s Christmas

This moment of the year most people take some time to pause. For some of us this is Christmas time. I have not been able to come up with a Christmas story or poem but offer, in this post, a compilation of previous years below:

Gold Grains, Golden Light

Caved Inn of Light

I Dreamed that Santa Saved the Day

The Shepherd’s Daughter

The Little Angel

The Gnome from Santa’s Home

It’ll Cut for Hay

The Kelpie Dog at Christmas

A Christmas Crib at Aleppo



There Was a Mob of Kangaroos

There Was a Mob of Kangaroos

Driving between towns last week I came upon this scene.  There was no opportunity for a photo.  The impression remained with me until a moment when a poem was able to emerge.

There Was a Mob of Kangaroos

There was a mob of kangaroos,

As I left fields of canola gold,

These macropods stood tall and bold,

Under eucalypts with boughs so old.

Those rugged trees on a rugged road,

Had sheltered many a storm or shine,

And as the furry critters moved aside,

I drove beside the line.

In Australian twilight these natural sights,

Are coated in a saffron glow,

They dim our days into restful nights,

And of a beauty we come to know.

So often I’ve come upon a pastoral scene,

With no camera to ‘freeze the frame’,

But the splendour seen where I have been,

Creates a memory just the same.

Simon C.J. Falk 15 September 2015