Hay Fever Muses

Hay Fever Muses

For all those who know who you are!

Achoo! Achoo!

It’s a sneeze for me and a sneeze for you.

Achoo! Achoo!

No, it isn’t COVID too!

Hay fever, hay fever.

With a sneeze and a wheeze

And a drippy nose

As red as a rose!

Itchy! Itchy!

Eyes and nose and the

Scratching goes all over!

It’s Spring! It’s Spring!

The blossoms bloom

The birds will sing.

And hay fever.

We love our Spring

But our ears do ring

Our eyes then run

When we’re having fun


Simon C.J. Falk       13 September 2020


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Cat in the Middle of the Road Pre-Dawn


(It was a bit like this, but in the pre-dawn light. This image was from google’s alarmy.com .)


Cat in the Middle of the Road Pre-Dawn

I was

King of the castle

Or, asphalt, at least

As I sat

Tall and erect

Upon the road

Bathed in the streetlight lustre

Of pre-dawn.


Cresting a small hill

This car

Its roar! Its lights!

I got a fright!

And scampered off

The road

Was still again

But then

A walker came a-stomping

And I ran some more

I was safe.

I was King of the castle

Didn’t you see?


Simon C.J. Falk 18 March 2018



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#Movember2016 & Other Bristling Words

#Movember2016 & Other Bristling Words


Bristles, whiskers, stubble,

Forming on the chin;

Tracing lines on upper lip,

Framing round a grin.

Movember makes a comeback,

Raising hair on many a face;

We do our bit for mental health,

To make the world a better place.


Simon C.J. Falk     1 Movember November 2016

Martha – From a Word Prompt

Martha – From a Word Prompt

All thanks go to our fellow blogger A Little Me Apparently with her post Why Did I Make This Writing Prompt?   She said to start with ‘Martha’.  This is what I came up with.

Martha – From a Word Prompt

Martha, Martha!

Do not fret,

We will get your groceries yet.

True, they are strewn in the aisles,

Some are rolling, some in piles.

Martha, Martha!

Wait a tick!

The manager’s coming to show a trick.

With that big wide broom right there,

He’ll sweep up all without a care.

Martha, Martha!

Let’s go to the bus,

Then we’ll be home and no more fuss.


Simon C.J. Falk 20 July 2016



Just a playful, petite poem. By the way, for those who like short poems and micro poems, check out anthonymize.


Get on to google



lists pages

and pages of results.


put #

with a word

and a whole

new vista

of possibilities

enters a network

on screen

and between

our many screens.


Simon C.J.Falk 11 June 2016

Farewell Feral Carpet

Farewell Feral Carpet

The pictures at the beginning of this post show the hallway carpet before removal.   It was worn, rotten, and, in some places, it was mouldy. The pictures at the end of this post show the floors after the removal of the offending floor coverings.


Farewell Feral Carpet


Farewell feral carpet,

We miss you not at all!

You keeper of lice from the pet,

And every grain of dust to fall.


We cut you and we rolled you,

Then we took you out the door,

We can now see the floorboards too,

Of the crafted timber floor.


Although the wood is scratched in spots,

And the white ants had a chew,

It will get cleaned and polished lots,

And we will sand off all that glue.


So farewell feral carpet,

Hope you enjoyed your final trip,

A chauffeur ride in a utility,

Off to the garbage tip!



Simon C.J. Falk 10 January 2016

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