Reading Poetry online with #Spillwords


I have posted material from Spillwords before.  Spillwords is an online place for short prose, poetry and micropoetry.

The post here is a poem called Looking for Love, courtesy of Spillwords.  The author writes not only of love, but of being misunderstood.

Here is another that was on the feed today What is Inspiration?

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For Passover and Easter – William Blake

Both the Jewish Tradition and the Christian Tradition have celebrations at this time and  lambs figure in both.  It addition to that, farms near me are beginning lambing season. It reminded me of a William Blake Poem, The Lamb.  Thanks to the Poetry Foundation for sourcing the text.  

The Lamb

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Little Lamb who made thee 
         Dost thou know who made thee 
Gave thee life & bid thee feed. 
By the stream & o’er the mead;
Gave thee clothing of delight,
Softest clothing wooly bright;
Gave thee such a tender voice,
Making all the vales rejoice! 
         Little Lamb who made thee 
         Dost thou know who made thee 
         Little Lamb I’ll tell thee,
         Little Lamb I’ll tell thee!
He is called by thy name,
For he calls himself a Lamb: 
He is meek & he is mild, 
He became a little child: 
I a child & thou a lamb, 
We are called by his name.
         Little Lamb God bless thee. 
         Little Lamb God bless thee.
Source: The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake, edited by David E. Erdman (Anchor Books, 1988).  Thanks to the Poetry Foundation as well.


A Repost from Polly Rocks and Bones

From Polly Oliver:

This is an Interview with me by the lovely people atSpillwords Press! Happy days 😁

via All grown up — rocksandbones.


I thoroughly recommend Polly’s poems to our readers.  You can follow Polly on WordPress, twitter or Spillwords.

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The Poetry of Afghan Women via O at the Edges

Originally posted on THE POET BY DAY: پاس په كمر ولاړه ګله! نصيب دچايي اوبه زه درخيژومه O Flower that you grow on the mountain side; The duty to water you belongs to me, but to whom would you belong? ستا به د ګلو دوران تير شۍ زما به پاته شۍ دزړه سوۍ داغونه The…

via THE POETRY OF AFGHAN WOMEN: Landay, A Twenty-two Syllable Two-Line Poem — O at the Edges

Thanks to Robert of O at the Edges for this.

This is from AB’s great blog – sharing #light and goodness

humanity’s finest, bravest girl changing hearts, souls to sway stage fright miles away make aware, removing blame sapiens, slowly, raising their game work together, end hostility bow, oblige, embrace humility helping, aiding end of the earth open arms, love in the mirth tears run away, it is not your day heart’s power here to stay […]

via Effort — Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

All credit to the blogsite – Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything Go to AB’s original post to see the poem in appropriate formatting.

Guest post #Anxiety by Kia Jones via

Those who enjoy poetry may already have discovered .  This guest post features a spillwords post by poet Kia Jones called Anxiety.  Aka Mrs Jones can also be found on twitter @CYSMbyKia . Those who may experience feelings of anxiety are encouraged to seek help.

Guest Post – John Lithgow’s book ‘The Poet’s Corner’

Image: Wikimedia commons.

Actor, John Lithgow, shares his longstanding love of poetry in the book ‘The Poet’s Corner‘.  I was listening to it again on recent road trips.  He and other guest readers recite some brilliant poems.  From as old as Geoffrey Chaucer to more recent times, from ladies to men, the humourous to the sombre,  they are there.  I also found a YouTube clip of it as well. Hope you enjoy some of these readings as much as I did.

Guest Post via Spillwords – What If? by L.M. Giannone

A guest post from a regular on the Spillwords site What If? by L.M. Giannone. Spillwords can also be followed on twitter @Spill_words .

Reading Other Poets – Denise Levertov

During this week I have heard some poets quoted.  One of them is Denise Levertov.  Here is an interesting  poem by Levertov Losing Track .  I find the line quoted below fascinating to ruminate over.

am I a pier
half-in half-out of the water?

Denise Levertov, 'Losing Track'


‘Tearless’  A thoughtful and poignant free-verse poem from Kim at ‘Poetry On a Roll’.

Poetry On A Roll

I see the pain in his eyes raw from
years of ill-treatment, he’s hiding behind
the cigarette-smoking and heavy-drinking
I see the tears that will never flow
because he’s a man and they do not cry,
so he holds it all in because he’s doing
what others expected of him
—to be a man who doesn’t show emotions—
but he’s desperately seeking approval
to relieve the discomfort. Yet, he won’t
shed a tear on his terms, not even one drop.

View original post

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