Hay Fever Muses

Hay Fever Muses

For all those who know who you are!

Achoo! Achoo!

It’s a sneeze for me and a sneeze for you.

Achoo! Achoo!

No, it isn’t COVID too!

Hay fever, hay fever.

With a sneeze and a wheeze

And a drippy nose

As red as a rose!

Itchy! Itchy!

Eyes and nose and the

Scratching goes all over!

It’s Spring! It’s Spring!

The blossoms bloom

The birds will sing.

And hay fever.

We love our Spring

But our ears do ring

Our eyes then run

When we’re having fun


Simon C.J. Falk       13 September 2020


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Ginger Cat at Play

Ginger Cat at Play


Ginger cat at play,

Whirling on the concrete,

As the eve gives way,

To night on the street.

Blissfully unaware,

The mere humans

Swerve and swear,

As they astride it with their load.

“Coming through!”

With a bundle to be stowed,

As stocks renew.

Ah, but do I detect?

A glimmer of a grin?

Or some glee do we suspect?

The cat will win.

For any day,

A moment of play,

Gets us in.


Simon C.J. Falk 27 May 2018

Davy Crockett’s Hat

Davy Crockett’s Hat


Davy Crockett’s hat emerged

From the doorway of the mall,

Perched atop a visage

Bearing features from great nations

Of Asia.

Limbs carried it all,

While clad in advertising,

Free for sporting companies

Of sports

The wearer may

Or may not



Yes, what a play it showed

In an Australian mall.

Dramatis Personae:

Davy Crockett’s Hat (and wearer)

And us

Co-adventurers all,

Exploring rivulets

Of consumables.

Consume that scene.

Don’t mind if I do.

Simon C.J. Falk 27 May 2018





Lines On An Abandoned Shoe In a Driveway




Image: Google

Lines On An Abandoned Shoe In A Driveway


Foot loose

And fancy free

We had a dilly

And a dally

On our dilettante.

Ah, the nocturnal hours

Of decadent pleasure

All night


All night

Movie marathons

Shouldn’t end

Like this.

We walked

The red-eye special


With a limp.


Simon C.J. Falk 20 April 2018


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Walking On Walking Through


Walking On, Walking Through


Walking, walking, walking


On the go

Up and down and round and round

Getting on with the show.

Walking on, walking through

Keeping up with all to do.

And walking

Frees us too

Loosens up the muscles through

The rhythm of the stride

As we pass and feel beside


The air moving by.


On the street

Free up the mind by freeing up the feet

To settle down the heart

Feeling better when you start

To walk

Along the beach

Striding out as tidal reach

Foams about your toes

And sea spray fills your nose.


Along an alpine way

Among the peak and chalets

Where soaring eagles sway

And drift on draughts of air

Carrying every care

Of yours to another place

Allowing you the space

For a bit of a respite

As you feel the delight

Of walking

Walking it away

The motion stills our day

Where calm

Can help us be

From our angst then

We are free.


Simon C.J. Falk      5 February 2018




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#SunsetsForKate Forming


#SunsetsForKate Forming


Sunsets for Kate


By the way

As we peer over the clothes-line

At the end of the day.

Soft sheets

And towels heavy

What sublime scene greets?

Us in a bevy

Of cloud-textured skies

After a day of tries

And mundane chores

This vista becomes yours

And my splendid scene.

The promising light

Frames silhouetted day

Warming our dreams

Among the fray.

Sunsets for Kate

Stay with us yet

Until time itself

Is ready to set.


Simon C.J. Falk 5 February 2018



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Raspberries Ripe and Ready

Raspberries Ripe and Ready

Raspberries Ripe and Ready


Ripe and ready


Lingering lusciously

For the picking

Oh, it will be

A delight to free

Them from the bowl

There is no self-control

To be had

Before raspberries

Ripe and ready

Ready… steady…


They’re gone



Simon C.J. Falk 29 January 2018



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Lift Off To Flight

Lift Off To Flight
Whirr, whirr,

Rolling, rolling,

Faster and faster,

And up,

We lift.

Borne from the runway,

To climb and climb,

In time,

Through space,

At increasing pace,

To soar,


The clouds,

And fields and flocks,

And rivers until

Sea and docks emerge


Then we know

The signal 

For descent.

But, Oh!

The joy

To fly free

Aloft and borne

In majesty.

Simon C.J. Falk 4 July 2017
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The Wayward Chook

Traveling by night in rural Australia we are vigilant for the sight of kangaroos. Little did I suspect it would be a black chook that would have me breaking my speed.

The Wayward Chook

Look, look! Look, look!

It’s a wayward chook

Crossing my way

Oh, I do say,

This is crook

In my book

To stop for a chook!
We worry about the kangaroos

On our nightly driving rendezvous – 

Behind the tree

Can you see

A macropod bounding absently?
But I’m astounded

As my wheels rounded

A little town

After the sun went down

Crossing the road

Carefree of load

A black chook passed my bow.
All is well that ends up well

And the tale I tell

Meant none of us fell.

For both the chook on the wander

And this writer here yonder

Lived on to ponder

The eventful meeting

However fleeting 

At the close of this day.
Simon C.J. Falk 25 May 2016


From Naked Nell (Barellan) to Moombooldool

From Naked Nell (Barellan) to Moombooldool

Another retro post of a poem written some years back on other towns in my part of the world.  Naked Nell is the nickname of Barellan.  The Wiggles refers to bright coloured Police Highway Patrol cars.

From Naked Nell (Barellan) to Moombooldool

From Naked Nell to Moombooldool

Is not many speedo clicks,

As you traverse Burley Griffin Way

Dodging the ‘Wiggles’ tricks.
And Moombooldool noted late

Some of their sporting pride,

As you drive through Burnley’s Village

A plaque’s fitted by the roadside.
On a great plinth of granite stone 

A plaque sits there attached,

For traveling onlookers to cast their eye

On others who’ve been dispatched.
Dispatched persons who from times back then

When footy, tennis and cricket

Fielded sides from Moombooldool

And held their own on the wicket.
Good on the people of Erin Village

As Moombooldool once was known,

For remembering those who shaped their history

And the humble pride they’d shown.
So when you dash from Naked Nell

Towards the Kamarah straight,

Pause a moment in Moombooldool

The history is worth your wait.
Simon C.J. Falk

9 April 2013.

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