No Stranger to Songs of Life

No Stranger to Songs of Life

I’m loving Paul Simon’s album ‘Stranger to Stranger’.

No Stranger to Songs of Life

Beautiful ballads

Rollicking riffs

The song entrances within

When you are with

‘Stranger to Stranger’

in sync.

Simon sends us spinning

Around NYC

With stories and fables

And rhymes of free

People, in an expensive world.

As I listened

I felt

We circled Central Park

Moseyed Manhattan

And headed along the Hudson.

For story and sound together

‘Stranger to Stranger’

Befriends us in soul.


Simon C.J Falk 10 July 2016


Thought I Saw David Gilmour

Thought I Saw David Gilmour

I have been captivated by music longer than I have been taken by poetry.  ‘Yellow Submarine’, ‘Crocodile Rock,’ ‘Telephone Line’, ‘Tusk’ – are among my earliest, and happiest, memories.  To think I saw Pink Floyd’s guitar master in a supermarket is a peak experience.  I was mistaken.

Thought I saw David Gilmour

Thought I saw David Gilmour

In Woolies

In amongst the fruit n’ veg.


Not in them…


In the aisles

Fondling the fruit.


How I wish you were here!


I assessed the risk

Of approach.

What are the chances?

Thought I.

Were it truly he


I’d be

Comfortably numb.


And images



Shine on

Like a crazy diamond,

Or a crazy dream.



Simon C.J. Falk  22 May 2016

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