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This is a guest post that comes from the World Community for Christian Meditation .  All rights to this poem belong to

John J. Keohane

God Came to Tea Today



Pope Francis has inspired individuals and groups to service by the example of his own living and giving.  This poem was written earlier this year in response to an experience of the Washing of the Feet on Holy Thursday at a community called Ariah Park.  The washing of the feet is a Christian ritual action expressing service after the manner of Christ in the Gospel account according to John, chapter 13.





On the floorboards


The path

Of pilgrims’ lives.

Each footprint

Bears an imprint

Unique to our world.

And yet

They come

From the same creator’s hand.

Feet were washed

Kissed and wiped

After the Master’s example and care.

Each bearer

As they placed their foot

They showed

The grounding of their stand.


Upon their generous service

Loving others as Christ has loved.

Can they see

Their gift

To their sisters and brothers

Is seen and noticed

Both here below

And above?

As we washed

Those pilgrim feet

A teary smile alights the face.

At this Assembly

On Holy Thursday

Three generations

Witnessed grace.


Flowing through

Water and towel

At the Saviour’s

Example and command.

Yet they know

Not just the ritual

For they live

The service somehow.


Simon C.J. Falk

Ariah Park,

Holy Thursday, 28 March 2013.






Than the breathing


Or out



Mine own breath

The Lord is

Is there

In the stillness.

Deep inside

Near my heart

Under my lungs

The lifeblood


The breath

Come from his.


Be still


That he is

Is nearer


Always within.

Turn not aside

To pace

And frenetic activity.


Look within

God is there

In the stillness.


This is a recent free verse from a time of retreat I had at Jamberoo Abbey ( http://www.jamberooabbey.org.au/html/home.htm ).  It is a thank you in response to a time of prayer in Christian Meditation.

O’Brien’s Car


The years rolled on as he dropped the clutch,

And hopped the roads of Gundagai;

Many miles and years have gone,

As he toiled ‘neath southern sky.


His Telstar now sits idle there,

Under the carport tall;

At times, these days, it’s hard to bear,

His gentle, but plaintive call.


He’s saddened now, as its wheels don’t flow,

His independence lies still on the stones;

The pain within, only he can know,

As he feels it in aging bones.


A passenger now, he may well be,

As it seems his driving days may be done;

We only hope that he can see,

He’s still a valued one.


He may not drive in coat and beret,

Or race other cars at the lights;

But I do hope he can see today,

He’s still joy for many of our nights.


As he struggles in his grief,

And walks away his sorrow;

We look on in hope and belief,

That he’ll smile with us tomorrow.


Goulburn, NSW, 22 September 2003

The late Fr John O’Brien originally hailed from Dublin, Ireland. Having studied at ‘All Hallows’ he came to Australia in the late 1940s.  Small in stature, but grand on wit, John knew the dark nights and days of depression too.  This poem was written after he had to hand his driver’s licence in.   People hate letting go and priests are just like anyone else in that regard.  We all struggle to adjust to changes in our lives.  May John rest in peace.

Blog beginnings

Thus far
I have
in writing
a blog
in cyberspace.
So many others
populated pages
and news feeds
and inboxes.
something in me
wanted to post
poems and verses
for others to share
in love
of poetry
and subjects
and people
we may care
It is hoped
that this space
may help us
to stop
to ponder
to still ourselves.
Just a few minutes
threads together
in the fabric
of our lives.
So here it is!
Blog number
More words
in verses
May follow.

Simon C.J. Falk

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