Who Speaks? A Valentine Shadow Side

These words were not easy to write. None of us like to be the “kill joy” to others bliss. But as with Mother’s and Father’s Days, Christmas, New Year and so on, Valentine’s Day can be a day of pain for some whom we know. As with those other days, on Valentine’s Day, I’m reminded of the tristesse of those who are widowed, divorced, abused, single and feel isolated and alone. That brings me to the second reason why these words were hard to write. To write them means to see the faces and feel something of the pain of those whom I know and some whom, in my own way, I do actually love. So for them… for those you know…. and for others too… Who speaks?

Who Speaks? A Valentine Shadow Side

Who speaks for

Them who

Visit their valentine in

A sunny graveyard

With memories, sweet memories

Wafting in on the breeze

Across their tear-lined cheeks?

Who speaks for

Those whose valentine


Beat or


Or still do and

As valentine’s day comes

May feel blue

In heart and flesh?

Who fills the void for

Those who don’t have

A valentine

Didn’t and may not

Feel the presence

Of one


Who are their company

On this


Day for them?

Who fills?

Who heals?

Who meets?

The shadow

Of a loving presence


Those in absence.

Whence comes the lantern?

Whom shall bear it?

Simon C.J. Falk                   15 February 2021


A Final Ride in Kabul


Photo Source: AP via ABC News Australia


A Final Ride in Kabul

For the families 


A vehicle should be meant for all

Who would have thought

They would fall

Into treacherous hands?


Their lands



stained with blood

And scarred

In debris.

When will they, will we?


Another way

A better way


From violence and

Ruinous hate.

When will it abate?

That peace may reign

And vehicles will be

Not weapons


For all

To travel free



Simon C.J. Falk 3 March 2018


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Flight UB181/182 or IC777

Flight UB181/182 or IC777

It is sad to see destruction in our beautiful world.  This biting verse uses imagery to grapple with how some people pillage their ‘conquered land’ and others, by the bombings and other attacks, create a ‘Hades’ or place of underworld and death.  The final words seek a ray of hope.


Flight UB181/182 or IC777



Customers for flight

UB181 and UB182

Can you come through.

Flight UB181

Will land first

On ‘Conquered Land’.

Flight UB182

Will descend to


You will arrive

On your ‘dead-line’

If you choose UB flights

On ‘Death Culture Airlines’

For those

Who wish to indulge

Their fetish

Of fury.


Those interested in ‘Horizons of Hope’

Are called to board

Flight IC777

To land at ‘New Dawn’.

No return flight

From there

Will be



Simon C.J Falk 10 July 2016

In #Istanbul

In Istanbul

April 2016 – Some friends and I spent some days in Istanbul Turkey as tourists cum pilgrims.  We loved it.  In recent days the sadness that has descended is crushing.  The good and hospitable people of Istanbul could well do with our encouragement.


In Istanbul


We travelled in,

We trod the streets,

We slopped the beer,

And ate the treats.

In the Bazaar Grand,

Some tried their hand,

At a haggle or two,

For a rug or a shoe.

And we loved our days,

On the ‘Gold Horn’ way.

They took us in.

Made us at home,

And it made us grin,

To see spruikers roam.


But the terminal we travelled,

Has now been unravelled,

Leaving crumble and rubble,

From the hateful trouble.

And streets we walked in peace,

Amidst crowds and police,

Now could appear,

To become pathways of fear.

But people! O people! Of Istanbul,

Do not lose heart when others kill,

Those you looked after

From far across sea,

Call out to you from a land roaming free.

You hosted us,

And we toasted you,

Do not let hatred or fuss,

Your spirit subdue.

Your history is splendid,

Your hospitality is fine,

When the hatred subsides,

You’ll return to your prime.



Simon C.J. Falk 30 June 2016


Remembering Lost Loved Ones Still Present to Us

At this time of the year we often celebrate joyous things and events. At this stage of the year we often have time of rest and leisure. We have time to ponder and reflect.  For some of us this is also a time tinged with sadness.  We may have a new loss in our lives. We may remember losses from times past.  We may still grieve as we remember. But we also know that the shoots of healing are springing up in the fertile soil of our lives.



Picture: Reflection and remembrance pool at St. Clement’s Galong, NSW.


Remembering Lost Loved Ones Still Present to Us


You were there


you are not.

We could speak

to you

hear your voice

see your smile.


are now denied to us.

We choke

on the words

we wished

we said to you

or wished

we heard from you.

The good-bye

that may have been.

Sometimes we just feel

an empty sadness

or, a sad emptiness

a hole in our lives

the size of you.

As our throat twitches

and our lips tremble

and our eyes pulse

from the tears spent

a heaviness


upon us.

Our shoulders sag

and our limbs flop.

How can we say

“joy to the world”?

when our world


like a puzzle

with a lost piece

that will never return.

But then we remember

Those wondrous moments

We had together.

The words we did share.


there is a ‘bright sadness’

as someone once said.

We, though we miss you,

are grateful

for those



priceless moments.

They are etched

in our memories forever

engraved into our hearts.

From these

we keep your life

burning like a sacred presence

before our mind’s eye

and in our heart’s embrace.

You are part of

the life we live

and the person

we have become.

We thank you

for the gift your life

continues to be to us.



Simon C.J. Falk 4 January 2014.


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