Slow Walk In The Sun

Slow Walk in the Sun

Slow walk

In the sun.

How simple pleasures

Can be

Such fun.

Basking in the radiance

Of the sun dance

After a day of rain.

It’s time to chance

The breeze in the trees

Sounds that please

An attuned ear.

We hear:

Panting of dogs

Cyclists passing logs

Children at play

On a zephyr teased day.

After the showers

The storms in the hours

Of previous days

As birds gently laze

On the pond

At wetlands

The sun on their plumes

In these days of spring blooms.

Simon C.J. Falk 19 November 2017

More We Are The World #WATWB coming soon. Stay tuned!


Late #Summer Afternoon

Late Summer Afternoon

Late Summer and

the afternoon afforded

splendid sights,

and sounds,

and warmth,

amidst the breeze,


through the trees.

The sun shone,


the body with

its soothing rays

after a chill


to the day.

A cool wind,

breezy at first,


stronger and stronger,

collecting a chill

about us that

seemed to come

as a calling card,

notifying us

that Winter will,

in time,


and have its way

with us.


ducks paddle,

and plump geese

fluff up themselves

against the wind.

A pleasant afternoon.

Sequestered serenity,

Before the week becomes.


Simon C.J Falk 20 February 2017





I have added in a jpeg version as wordpress change the formatting.  I wanted the shape of the poem to reflect the jagged edges of lightning.



and night.

Glary sun,

searing each


beneath its rays,

making for hot

fire risk days.

Evening moon,

steadily subtle

behind the passing cloud,

unlike unruly thunderclap,


after strident strikes of lightning

that sheet across the sky.

Or silvery fire bolts,

Stabbing from the heights,

All the w a y

To earth.

Its fulmination,

Alerting fire captains

Of outbreaks

to come.



Simon C.J. Falk 12 February 2017

The #Sun Rises

The Sun Rises


The Sun Rises

The sun rises,


A new day.

The night shadows


Then pass away.

What hopes arise


On this morn?

What adventures


From the refulgent dawn?


Simon C.J Falk 8 January 2017

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