Road Away from WordPress

Road Away from WordPress

I have been away for some time.  Away from both poetry and WordPress.  Returning to poetry is challenging. Getting back into the flow takes some time and effort.  The other challenge is to reach that centred place within where the creative integration of image, mood and words meet and mingle. Put more bluntly, I’m out of touch. But, there is a stirring, and the poem here responds to just that.

Road Away from WordPress

I went along another road,
It seemed so far away;
A busy road, a crowded road,
That filled full each new day.

A day full of opportunities,
Schedules, people and plenty of contact;
And stacked with inner urgencies,
All to which I would react.

There wasn’t much time for WordPress,
For poems and lovely things;
For all the spontaneity
Of outdoors with birds and swings.

When urgings weren’t outside
They raged and burned within;
The focus one gives to writing
Just didn’t enter in.

At times I truly missed it,
That delight of being lost in verse;
Instead I’d drive myself along
In an urgent, occupied curse.

And curse it was, I am sure,
For it drained away my soul;
Now I regather in blogs and things,
To make the broken whole.

So now, as write this,
Three poems are emerging, no less;
For once you go to release the flow,
It opens up the press.

I’m glad I’m back at writing,
And can join the bloggers’ road;
It is so good to return,
For light is its true load.

Simon C.J. Falk 1 September 2014






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