In the Line, Marking Time


It is touching, sad, even inspiring, to see people bouncing back after natural disasters such as Hurricane Maria. ABC News footage triggered a response in me. 

PuertoRico.jpg Image: ABC News Australia

In the Line, Marking Time


In the line

Marking time

For family, friends and



To keep


The new routine,

not what had been,


Who’d have thought

there would be more


In the queue,

For hours and hours,

Nothing to do

But wait.


Is that smile

Upon a face?

Chatter and banter

Pass the moments

That pass to hours

And days.

In the line

For another time,

Time again

On the feet,

On a hard, old street,

Weather beating in,

Still there is a grin

In the grit

Of the human spirit.


Simon C.J. Falk 29 September 2017



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Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

2 thoughts on “In the Line, Marking Time”

  1. Hi Simon – the Puerto Ricans seem to be suffering rather more than they should be – the Americans seem to have forgotten them … despite the fact it is American territory. Something is so desperately wrong that they getting help through is so difficult …

    Wonderful poem written in line … so appropriate – I feel for all who suffer with natural disasters, or disasters …

    Lovely words for WATWB – cheers Hilary

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