#CBF16 Joseph’s List

Joseph’s List

In memory of Joseph Patrick Falk 1956-87

Here it is

With those long, looping letters








Down the page and


The other side.

Testimony to times spent

Reading the hours away.

Doorways into homes from

Other eras and vistas.

Witness also to

A brother’s love

For a brother.

Gathered at the kitchen table

Blessed interruption

To “homework time”

Two pens it took him yet

Finish it he did.

Sharing his joys

Of narrative and verse

With his younger sibling.

Now, he is gone.

Many years have past

Since he penned that page.

Fifteen I was

When he was tragically taken.

Yet his words remain

Penned on a page

Cherished by me

Among the true treasures

Of words and life.

I look upon that list,

That you prepared that day.

At times as my gaze sits,

Tears get in the way.

If only you were still here,

To read these faltering lines.

Knowing what a gift you gave,

When we had those times.

I still cherish some of those authors,

That you revealed to me.

As you showed love for brothers,

In a way so literary.


This was posted as part of the Cherished Blogfest 2016.  To see my post from last year look here.

Simon C.J. Falk 29 July 2016



Author: simonfalk28

Country lad, Focussing on verse.

34 thoughts on “#CBF16 Joseph’s List”

  1. This is beautiful! I can’t imagine such a loss as you describe, and I can understand why you cherish these words. I’m not sure how I missed your post last year. I think I would have been drawn to a post about bookshelves.

    Thanks you for participating in the cherished Blogfest – Dan – Cohost – #CBF16

    1. Dan, thanks go to you for being one of the people who give us this blogfest. Earlier in the day I had read Damyanti’s post. It challenged me to also dig deep and share personally. By the way, I still love those bookshelves too!

  2. I have one brother that I love very much, so I know how much I would treasure something like this if he were no longer with us. Appropriately enough, we often talk about books and share insights into some of our favorite volumes and authors. A very nice post — thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad it struck a chord with you. Brothers can indeed be special. We had another who was stillborn. We would have loved to have met him properly.

  3. This is such a special post. I cannot imagine having something like this any other way than handwritten. My mother has been gone over 25 years now, but I still keep the recipes she wrote out in her own handwriting. Cherish this, indeed.

  4. You paid a wonderful tribute to your brother with your own words. I’m sorry you lost him at such a young age. I can understand why you cherish his handwriting so deeply. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt post.

    Mary J
    CBF Cohost

  5. That’s such a heartfelt and poignant tribute to your brother! He will be smiling at you from wherever he is!

  6. That is such a wonderful and powerful poem. Your brother still lives within you, he is a permanent part of you, which is so beautiful. This expression of love does not take away the pain, but cherishes great memories and precious moments shared. Thanks for posting it!

    Liesbet @ Roaming About

  7. How precious is our time with those we love. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother but what a true gift his influence was. I understand the depth of how much you cherish this object. Thank you so much for joining the blogfest again this year. And thank you for stopping by my blog. I am still trying to read all the entries. Hugs. Cheryl

  8. WOW. What a cherished item, I would definitely cling to those pieces of paper no matter where life took me. Such a treasure, especially juxtaposed with your own love for words which were obviously sparked many years ago by him.

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